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How to live a minimalist lifestyle?


Shakeel Shihad

Progress over Perfection

The 21st Century has proved that how human life is burdened with a lot of stress. Growing work pressure, expenses for living, eating, etc. has created a lot of mental, physical as well as financial pressure on us little human beings. Again nobody can escape from such a lifestyle as it is not possible to cope up with the situations if you flee from such troubles.

A minimalist lifestyle is such a simplified way of living which can provide you with all the comforts of the current generation; yet but within fewer resources so that you can live an almost burden-free life.

 Benefits of a minimalist lifestyle

 There are many benefits if you start to love a minimalist lifestyle.

  •        A minimalist lifestyle can reduce the burden of high financial expenses.
  •        You can remain free from such useless things which are not necessary for your life.
  •        You can spend only on those things which are essential and stay free from erratic stuff.
  •       A stress-free life is bliss.
  •        You can find more quality time, develop good relationships and remain happier.

 How to live a minimalist lifestyle

 Making a lifestyle change is not an easy task as we think. You need to have good self-motivation and confidence to go ahead. Here I present some tips that could help you to start a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Planning is the ice-breaking step for any noble ideas. Thus, to live a minimalist lifestyle first, you need to note down which are the things responsible for your stress. As you note down the reason, you can make a priority out of it. You need to cut those down from your life first.
  2. Sort out the unnecessary duplicate products like new CD's, DVDs, locks, keys, utensils, furniture, and others; throw them or go for a resale.
  3. Please choose to live in a studio apartment or a 1BHK. This is because it may help you to fix your target to live with fewer things and act like a litter free zone. The more you find space, you will try to dump things which can increase your burden.
  4. Always handle only one credit card, one bank account, one mail id, etc. These are the ways to get rid of financial stress.
  5. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc. are required for a living, but it should not be exceeded. Try to deal with a lesser number of such things, as you need to buy new, discard the older ones.
  6. Try to save at least some amount of your income in the first week of a month.
  7. Try to follow a balanced diet, regular workout and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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