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How to know if your relationship is healthy?


Aastha Roy

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Many people are in a relationship, but how many of these relationships are healthy? What can we define as a healthy relationship? All these are questions that usually run through my mind and make me wonder if people even know the signs. If you are in a relationship and you are not sure if that relationship is healthy or not, then you are in the right place. A healthy relationship is a happy relationship; a relationship free of stress and a relationship that doesn’t always make your eyes wet. I will give you five signs that will help you know if you are in a healthy relationship or not.

Communication: It is easy to talk

If you and your partner can freely and easily talk to each other, then your relationship is healthy. Couples who easily talk to each other, share ideas and engage without any fear of condemnation from the other partner, often lead to a healthy relationship.  People who can communicate well and can communicate about anything always find that they are happy.

You fight!

I know this may sound unhealthy at least to some of the people but this is indeed very healthy for a relationship. If both of you fight, then your relationship is healthy. Disagreements are inevitable in every healthy relationship whether it is between siblings, friends or couples. What should matter more is how you pick up from these fights. Also, these fights should be productive and not escalate to become physical.

You both accept each other for who you are.

This again is another complex one. Before engaging in any relationship, you know that your partner has flaws and is not perfect. When you know this and accept each other’s weaknesses, then you are indeed leading a healthy relationship.

You appreciate each other’s efforts

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is being in a relationship with someone who never enjoys your efforts. A healthy relationship is one in which your partner appreciates even the smallest things you do for them. They acknowledge your efforts and are happy with every sacrifice you make no matter how small.

Mutual trust

One thing that destroys a relationship is a lack of trust. Trust is essential, and where faith is present, the relationship is healthy. You two may have had funny things happening in your lives in the past, but none of that should define your current relationship. Trusting your partner makes you feel confident and relaxed around them.

A healthy relationship is not a perfect relationship but rather a link in which two imperfect people come together and understand their imperfections.

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