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How to keep our environment clean?


Vaishali P

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All creatures, great and small depend on the environment for their survival. The importance of the environment can be understood easily if we at first highlight the different ways in which the environment is essential for our survival.

Just like we maintain our homes for a healthy living, we need to maintain our environment too. Directly and indirectly, all the life processes depend on the environment and its products.

Let us now discuss the various ways in which we can keep our environment clean.

Planting Trees

The best way we can start caring for our environment is by planting trees. Plant as many trees as possible to improve the conditions of our environment. The plants improve the quality of the air by filtering the harmful gases and also improve the soil conditions.

Using alternatives to fossil fuels

We should stop the overuse of traditional fossil fuels and switch to clean sources of energy like:

  • Solar energy

  • Hydro energy

  • Thermal energy

We should switch to CNG enabled and electric enabled vehicles which do not pollute the environment.

Use of Biofertilizers

We should switch to the use of biofertilizers rather using all those chemicals fertilizers. The biofertilizers do not have negative impacts on the environment, and even if they are washed off by the rain, they do not contaminate the water bodies.

Promote Recycling

To prevent pollution, we should always opt for recycling of the used products like glass bottles, soda cans, used paper, etc.
The more we recycle, the less waste material is generated, and in turn, lesser is the pollution caused.

Save Water

Avoid wastage of water at any cost. A major part of the damage done to the environment is due to wastage of water. The total amount of fresh water available is very less, so we need to conserve the remaining fresh water to sustain all life forms.

Avoid Open disposal of wastes

Another very common reason for pollution is due to open dumping of wastes which encourages the breeding of several harmful microorganisms, which leads to various types of diseases. Moreover, open dumping allows the scattering of such wastes by street animals.
All types of organic and inorganic wastes should be deposited only in properly covered waste bins which will keep the environment clean and healthy.

Without the environment, no life process and life forms will exist. Thus it becomes essential to protect our environment from all types of damage.
If we walk together, we will be able to make our world a better place for living.

               “Clean Earth, Green Earth.”

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