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How to improve your personality and attitude?

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Jack Rabin

Keep it real

If you need to achieve success, your foremost task should be made and continue with a positive angle. Once you have a perspective of expectancy, enthusiasm, and optimism, opportunities grow, and issues shrink. You become a lot of influential and persuasive. You enjoy larger self-esteem. You find out how to be assured. People should feed their mind with a positive attitude by gaining knowledge from books, novels, audio, and video programs. 

• Decide the Action which you will take in the situation:
It's a saying that if you dream big, you achieve big. Don't care about the big aims or the journey, build yourself to fulfill it. You can check the action of your to-do list if the affiliation might be non-existent or weak. Before you're taking any action, decide how it'll serve your bigger goals. 

• Make a way out of your Comfort zone:
If you don’t come out of what you try to do daily, your success is not worth it. Success can be compared with athletics; if you do not stretch yourself a day, your step by step progress become brittle and slow. Struggle for something new may always help you develop yourself in every way. Doing same-old is depressing, although your same-old has been winning within the past.

• Don’t be Selfish:
Always take the best shot however do not obsess regarding the target. First, decide what result you want to achieve and based on that you must have to realize.  It would be foolish to expect those results and later gets disappointed on that. 

• Appreciate Failures:
Never forget the results you receive are the signposts for the results you wish to attain. If you get rejected and feel bad, take a look at your action like what you did because it will help you to enhance your performance next time. 

Rather than feeling unhealthy if you fail or get rejected, recall at your actions and see what you'll be able to do (if anything) to enhance your performances. Whenever you fail, you must try to learn from the mistakes that made you lose any race. And see then after that you will succeed in the more critical run in comparison.

• Be joyful with great Gratitude:
You must, and should, impact others for his or her gifts to you, although that gift is some things as simple as a smile. Being thankful is the greatest attitude you will show towards the people. Achieving a position of gratitude needs over merely being responsive to what is wondrous in your life.


Mary E Graham

Simplicity is the key to happiness

Everyone wishes to have a good and impressive personality that can leave an everlasting impression on others. Our attitude plays a significant role in our day to day life. It benefits a person in every way. Attitude comes out from one's choice, you can choose to have a good one or not. If you wish to improve your personality and attitude, here are some of the ways to develop oneself:

  • Carry an optimistic view: It is one of the most important as well as a critical requirement for not just a right attitude but also a better life. It is imperative as one can encounter troubles at any point of time in life or at work. So optimism helps face such times and overshadow the issues.

  • Always try to be enthusiastic: Sometimes we have a lazy attitude. We know we want to do something in particular, but at the same time, we are unable to give it our best. So, remaining enthusiasm will help you to keep up the spirit.

  • Act high even when you feel low: We do feel low sometimes which could be due to various reasons. But despite all this, it should be kept in mind to behave well as that prevents the occurrence of further losses that we may create for ourselves. Acting high helps gain good friendships also that is an essential and beautiful part of life.

  • Make a habit to say thank you: Always be thankful and courteous towards others. Be polite and maintain a good nature. All these things turn into habits that gradually culminate into the personality of an individual.

  • Keep trying to exceed your limits: Do not put limits on yourself. Keep exceeding them. The rise in limits in all aspects of life can give a new dimension to one’s life. All these reflect in the personality. 

  • Improve your skills: Improvement of skills gives confidence that is the primary factor in enhancing the personality. When one knows what he or she is good at and can make decisions for self, the person is said to have an impressive personality.

  • Read books that promise to enhance your character: A lot of good books are being written on the ways to get their wish fulfilled. So reading should be done daily. This is something that can only give you more knowledge and no negativity.

Besides the points as mentioned above, it is essential to have good thoughts and perform good deeds to have confidence, personality and an attitude that impact all the others and rules them all.


Mariana Pobornikova

A mother, a wife, a gardener, a pet owner, a consultant

The only way to improve your personality and attitude is to get rid of your limiting (negative) beliefs about yourself. For example, a person may believe that they're not worth having a good career or being loved. Identifying and eliminating negative beliefs is a very difficult task, because beliefs are often buried deep in ourselves. Yet our beliefs about ourselves drive our behavior, it works something like this: beliefs > thoughts > emotions > reactions/behavior > result in life > reinforcing the belief.

The trick is to start with something easier to identify and manage than our well hidden beliefs, for example with our negative thoughts - we can all very clearly hear them in our heads, right? :-) Then work down the command chain from thought to emotions to behavior to getting a more positive result in life, which will slowly but surely start to change your beliefs, instead of reinforcing the negative beliefs.

I've described this process in my article, it's 10 steps and straightforward - but don't expect it to be easy and fast! 10 steps to overcome limiting beliefs.

That's why it's easier to follow a somewhat mechanical process of identifying your negative thoughts and then working through to emotions and then reactions

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