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How to improve school academic performance?

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Dipti Singh

Do not ignore your own potential

The school life is the best days of our lives. School life is the time of intense enjoyment, friendship, as well as peer pressure of competition. Due to such competition, high academic performance is a must to survive the same. If you’re struggling with your academic performance, refer the key points mentioned below for improving school academic performance.

1. Understanding everything about yourself: Probably an essential ingredient for a fabulous academic career is knowing everything about yourself. Spend time with yourself regularly to understand your strengths as well as the weaknesses and then chalk out a plan playing by your strengths, focussed on improving your academic performance. 

2. Time Management: Crucial point in any career is time management. Almost every student has the proper skills and intelligence required for success, but still, they fail due to a lack of appropriate time management. Time management includes completion of the syllabus on time, completion of tests and assignments regularly and keeping updated with the everyday task.

3. Improving reading and writing skills: Not blank reading and mugging up facts and then vomiting them in exams. Smart work is what required for a successful career, which includes;

•    highlighting important points 

•    writing important sentences for- quicker reception, better retention, and faster recollection.

•    Learning the actual principle rather than just mugging up without understanding.

4. Consulting the teachers: Having a positive student-teacher relationship also contributes to a successful academic career. Clear all the doubts from the respective teachers and ask with them and verify your plans and goals, for a successful academic career.

5. More concentration: Higher concentration is required to work with perfection. If you have a high concentration power, then problem-solving becomes easier which in turn will improve your academic career. Start meditating regularly to increase your attention and concentration power.

6. Organizing Properly: Working in a chaotic environment inhibits us from performing efficiently. If we hold our daily routine and then start working, we can save a lot of time and execute with perfection. 

7. Devotion: Devote more time to the areas you think you’re weak. Start by reading and writing simultaneously to have a better understanding of those weak spots.

8. Isolation: Detach yourself from the cyber world and anything that distracts you during your study time. Focus entirely on your studies to build a broader base which will support your career.

9. Revision: Not just everyday learning, the proper review is a must to ensure overall perfection in your studies. The revision eliminates any residual errors and re-strengthens your knowledge

10. Fun: Learn with enjoyment and not with peer pressure. Students perform way better when they are set free.

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Tofique Shaikh

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