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How to improve my writing skills?


Ankida Balamurali

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Quite a few literarily skilled people find it difficult to pen their thoughts concisely. People often find it difficult to express their opinions in writing owing to many reasons like lack of language command.

Here we present to you a few pointers to improve your writing skills;

  • Focus on your style:  You need to decide on the style that you are comfortable with and work on building it. Every writer has their own way of writing. For a few, it is comfortable to write from a first-person perspective, for others it will be comfortable to write like an essay and so on. You need to find the style that you are comfortable with and then focus on the same.
  • Improve your vocabulary: In order to be able to convey your thoughts clearly, you need to have a clear vocabulary or choice of words. Using the right word is the only way to convey what you mean. When we say improving vocabulary, it is not about just learning new words. But it is rather about using them in the right place at the right juncture for the right purpose. It would help you to learn a word and use it in everyday sentences so that you are comfortable with it before using it in your writing.
  • Regular reading: When you are writing, whether it is a blog or an article or a book, the first thing you need is knowledge on the subject you are writing. Thanks to the technology, there are multiple sources now available online which you can refer to. The best way to improve your writing is to read different authors. It doesn’t just improve your knowledge, but it also improves your writing style.
  • Make outlines: The biggest problem one would face when writing is the swirling of thoughts that you do not know which to write and leave out which. It is always better to write hints, or outlines before actually starting to write. This will help you plan the writing in a better way and also ensure that you do not leave any important facts out.
  • Practice: Like every other skill, writing is also a skill that favors those who practice it hard. Take responsibility and take some time out of your schedule to dedicatedly write down your thoughts. Also, spend time editing your text multiple times until you feel that there are no more changes required.

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