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How to improve interpersonal skills?


Rochan Chand

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Interpersonal skills are an integral part of your entire personality. The more you have it, the better you will interact with people, as simple as you can. It helps to create an impression among the superior that you are capable of bringing out the best in others. and its the key element of career development. 

 If you are trying to improve your interpersonal skills and your communication, here are some of the essential tips given below:

1. Have Control on your emotions

Work is undoubtedly not a place to use your emotions. Whether you are getting irritated or suffering from depression, take a long breath, thank life and live happily. By doing this, you can express your emotions in a calm, free and most importantly, professional manner.

2. Practice the phenomenon of Listening

Speaking is not always essential, and one thing which you must focus on is listening. Several people who are the masters of interpersonal skills tell their people to practice active listening as and when required. This includes maintaining healthy eye contact, nodding head and paying 100% attention towards the words of the speaker.

3. Give others a chance to speak

Everyone likes to contribute to a conversation. Being a good listener and pay attention to what they speak. It creates an impression of our genuine personality to others, and they will become more connected to you. It helps to improve your interpersonal skill by collecting information through the conversation.

For example, pay attention to the way they speak, their body language, gesture, and the manner they tackle the situation.

4. Don’t complain too often

There is nothing worse than a person who continually complains about one thing or another. Whether the person is right or wrong, the complainer is always seen in a negative role. 

Irrespective of your complaint lists, you should find ways to reduce it as low as possible, you don’t want to be called a complaint box, Right?

In professional life, behave as sophisticated as you can and if you want to complain over something, sharing with close friends is the best choice. 

5. Put on a big smile

Always keep a pleasant face. Regardless of your issues in life, smiling spreads positive signal to other people. Whenever you see your colleagues or friends, greet them with a confident smile. 

By doing this, they will become comfortable in seconds and will be eager to talk with you. 

Lastly, as people say, even a simple smile on the face can make a person’s day, that’s exactly how it works.

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