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How to implement lean manufacturing?


Wafa Khan

Good things take time

Lean proved to be one of the most effective models used for managing teams in several top-notch and demanding industries which includes software development, construction, manufacturing,  and there are many more. One of the biggest advantages of this model is that its methodology is straightforward and quite easy to understand and delivers quick impact when same is appropriately implemented. 

The term Lean manufacturing stands for optimization of different practices, processes, as well as habits which are applied by knowledge workers.  To be precise, the application of lean principles can be used to work smarter, make innovation faster, and deliver higher value to the customers. Below we are mentioning briefly about the steps which can be used to implement lean manufacturing.

1. Knowing the Basics: It’s true that the methodology of Lean manufacturing is very simple, but still, it turns challenging at the time of implementing the same in complex, fast-changing working environments. You need to strengthen your knowledge on this subject by reading out books on the topic and learn the theory and its associated principles.

2. Get your team mentally ready for change: It’s a known fact that Lean management is wholly based on the five principles of Lean. But well before you make its application, it is essential to get the team ready. Every department and the complete organization need to be prepared for this change.

3. Begin with waste elimination: Take advantage of value stream analysis for identifying wasteful activities happening at the plant. You can make additional efforts to find better and efficient ways for adding value to the firm’s product line.

4. Apply Kaizen workshops for teaching and making rapid changes: Take help of a talented and highly experienced facilitator having in-depth knowledge on lean tools 

5. Shorten production cycles: Make production in small batches so that you can get the chance to add “bells and/or whistles” for future product versions.

6. Improve response time: Design a system which can respond faster. Provide more authority to employees for making decisions and offer those required tools as well as methodologies for doing the same. 

7. Track performance: Real-time tracking of data is considered best. Make sure every process have necessary measures and the same get reviewed regularly. Take customer feedback using a systematic approach. Ask for supplier cooperation for the lean manufacturing process.

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