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How to get email lists for marketing?


Zacharia Chakko

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Email is one of the incredible and performing marketing tools. Because of its widespread reach and outstanding potential, it is in a position to offer your business the scope to connect with the prospective customers in hassle freeways which is difficult for other marketing media to do. But before you take advantage of this tool it is important for you to get the list of such subscribers whom you can send your mail.

You don’t need much to create the email list for your marketing campaign.

1.    You need to first invest time to understand the right set of audience for your company.

2.    You need to create a website for your company to create a platform where potential visitors can gather.

3.    You need to look for an email marketing service provider.

4.    You need to make an attractive and interesting offer which will give reasons to prospective customers to join

The best way to get more converting leads is by creating a database for email. However, this may not be an easy task for everyone. Some of the common methods which you can choose to get email lists if you don’t want to make it on your own:

•   Purchase an email list

•   Go for the rental email list

•   Go for an opt-in email list

But will it be right to go for list-purchasing?

A.    To use it you need to disobey the rules of consent shared under GDPR.

B.    Trusted email service providers don’t allow you sending the emails which you purchased.

C.    Quality email addresses are never up for sale.

D.    People having their emails mentioned in your purchased list are not aware of who you are.

E.    By sending emails to members having details in the purchased list you are going to put your email deliverables at risk and reputation of your IP under threat.

F.     The email service provider can get you penalized.

The above points clearly justify the fact that buying the email list will not be a good idea for you.

It is hard to deny the fact that email marketing is one of the most valuable tools for marketing products. According to a reliable source, Companies which are using email for the generation of leads enjoy 50% more leads that are perfectly ready for sales-, and that too against 33% lower cost.  On the other hand “Nurtured leads,” on average, offers around 20% enhancement in the volume of sales when compared with non-nurtured leads.

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