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How to get a job in mechanical engineer for a fresher?


David Kreps

Hustle hard and stay humble

Mechanical Engineers play an important role in shaping all those technologies that are making our daily tasks easier.
Decisions related to one’s career are the most vital of all decisions, as they act as the foundations upon which the future will rest. So all those decisions should be taken by careful considerations of all the present scenarios like trends in industry and skills in demand, growth in respective sectors, etc.. before applying for a job.

The end of 2017 saw the rise in demand for the mechanical engineers and this current period can be rightfully termed as the “Golden Period” for the mechanical engineers.

Now, what should a fresh mechanical engineer do to get a job?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key points a fresh mechanical engineer should consider for getting a job.

  • Keeping pace with the changing trends
    A lot of rapid developments have taken place in the mechanical sectors in the last few years. New trends have popped up in almost everything, from changing designs of the car engines to changing equipment, the field of mechanical engineering has revolutionized a lot.
    As a fresh mechanical engineer, it is very important for you to analyze and keep pace with all the changing trends. Only by proper analysis of the trends, you'll be able to chalk out the demands of the industry and then sharpen up all those critical skills which are in demand by the companies.
  • Learning the necessary critical skills
    Once you’ve properly analyzed all the skills in demand, now it is time for you to update your critical skills.
    To make it easier for you, let us divide the mechanical engineering industry into four prime parts and then analyze the respective critical skills.
    • Drafting
      It involves drawing a 2D representation of a product.
      Skills to be updated: AutoCAD
    • Modeling
      It involves developing a 3D representation of a product, to analyze any defects/errors.
      Skills to be updated: NX-CAD or CATIA.
    • Analysis
      Involves analysis of any given model, product, for identification and removal of all possible defects.
      Skills to be updated: Ansys, Hypermesh
    • Manufacturing
      Involves all such processes involved in the development of a product.
      Skills to be updated: NX-Cam.
  • Applying for higher education
    After completing the bachelor’s course, you can apply for GATE for and opt for a higher master’s course, to broaden your skills and knowledge, which are essential for getting better-paying jobs.

Keep working on your skills, and analyze the job you’re looking for. Don’t take up a job in which you’re not interested at all. Follow your passion, and you’ will shine the brightest.

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