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How to get a flat stomach without dieting?


Sarin Hassan

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Excess fat around the waist makes you feel discouraged and bloated. Getting a flat stomach is nothing less than winning a battle. But, if you are determined the target can be achieved easily.

There had been a lot told about getting a flat stomach through exercising and dieting. Instead of dieting, the person should eat mindfully in accordance with the requirement of the body. Each person is different from the other, and therefore the body of every person is also unique. There cannot be a thumb rule of reducing belly fat for all people. You can concentrate on reducing calorie intake but not too much and not for a long time because that influences the metabolism of the body.

Include more soluble fiber, mono-saturated fatty acid and probiotics in the food as it helps in the reduction of fat concentration around the waist. A protein shake can be very beneficial as you can get protein which keeps you energetic throughout the day and you will not feel hungry often. Carb intake should be reduced. Include almond in your diet as it is not only good for the overall physical development of the body, but it also reduces the concentration of fat around the belly. It has been rightly said that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. This is the best way of maintaining your figure and eventually confidence.

If you walk for 30 minutes a day, then you have the least chances of getting that dangerous belly fat accumulated. Increase in water intake can give you amazing results. After pregnancy, women have mummies belly which is hard to get rid of. In that situation, drinking water is very helpful. You can also brew some coffee as it reduces the urge to eat.

If you drink too much alcohol, then you should avoid this to get rid of belly fat. Minimize stress if you’re trying to lose weight. Avoid sugar; this is one of the main reasons why people gain more weight. Limit your intake of candy and processed foods which are high in added sugar. Sleep deprivation is directly related to an increased risk of weight gain. So try to sleep undisturbed for at least 7-8 hours, this is really very important if you are trying to lose weight. Try fasting as the studies suggest this to be one of the effective ways of losing weight and belly fat.

You know your body best, therefore, do not get carried away by the myth or fall in prey of marketing strategy where everybody is trying to sell the product and most of the time customers feel cheated. Research before choosing any product for reducing belly fat and concentrate more on exercising and home remedies for this purpose.

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