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How to get a driving licence in India?


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In order to use two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, the license issued by the Indian government is mandatory. But the process of acquiring the license is not that easy. It is a time and money consuming process. Any candidate who is 18 and above has the right to take a license. But before earning the license, you have to get the learner’s license, which is issued after attending the learner’s test.

A driver’s license is a permit document issued by the state government, giving access to citizens to use and utilize the vehicles without any supervision from the police or law. The license is issued by the Regional Transport Authority(RTA) and  Regional Transport Office(RTO) of the corresponding states. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, no citizen is not allowed to operate vehicles without the license issued by the state. 

Not everyone is qualified to apply for a certain category of vehicles. Each vehicle category has its own qualification benchmark, which is mentioned below.

Documents required to apply for a license

It is always more useful to have all the supporting documents while applying for some official or legal permits. The documents required for license application are,

  1. Age proof - Passport, Birth certificate, SSLC mark sheet, PAN card, TC from school

  2. Permanent address proof - Passport, Ration card, Voters Card, Adhar card, House     agreement, Electricity or water bill

  3. Other documents

    • Filled application form of a Driving license(Visit nearest RTO Office to get the application form)

    • 6 Passport size photo for applying for learners license

    • 1 passport photo for applying for driving license

    • Medical certificate(Must be issued by authorized nd certified government doctor

    • Application fee

How to apply for a license offline?

  1. Fill the application form Form 4 issued from the RTO office and submit it at the RTO office with all the prescribed documents.

  2. Pay the fees to apply for the driving test.

  3. The RTO will provide a date to perform the driver's test.

  4. Be keen to be present at the Driving license test center to attend the test without any delay.

  5. Take all the papers with you to submit before the test.

  6. Once you pass the license test, you will be given your license on the spot or will be sent to your residential address.

 (If you are attending any driving class, then the driving school will help you to apply without any difficulty.)

How to apply for the license online?

  1. Visit the sarathi website of your state.

  2. Click on New learners or New Driving Licence under Apply online.

  3. Fill the applicant details online without any error.

  4. Upload all the documents required to complete the application.

  5. Select your LLC test slot as per your comfort.

  6. Apply and complete the test payment.

  7. An SMS will be sent to your mobile or email, which can be used to track the status of your application.

The license will be delivered within a maximum of 3 weeks. Make sure you are able to show your ID proof when the authorized person asks you for ID proof while delivering the Driving license.

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