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How to get a character certificate from district magistrate?


Maithili Dutt

Know your worth

Generally, people end up in need of Character certificate when you are applying for a job or passport or similar legal documents. The purpose of this certificate is to ensure that you haven’t been introduced to any criminal or offensive act which is considered to be a critical impression for your character approval to work in a venture or apply for valuable legal documents.

The character certificate can be acquired easily from your own premises without difficulty.

  1. Visit your District magistrate office to request for the application form. 

  2. Inform them about the requirement and get the Character certificate application form.

  3. Fill in the details. (Click here to view demo application form)

  4. Submit the application at the police station.

  5. After some days, the police or corresponding representative will visit your residential premises to enquire about you.

  6. After the inquiry, you will be sent the Character certificate signed by accredited authorities.

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