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How to file a request petition in a Court for NOC of passport?


Qadim Ali

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You have a passport which is now reaching expiry date or already expired. You are having a case pending in your name, be it a criminal case or any other case in which you are accused. You approach the passport authority making an application for the renewal of passport, and its denied. What the reason for this denial? The chances are high that it's because of the pending case you have against your name. Due to criminal history or pending cases, your application for passport renewal or issuance of the new passport could be rejected.

If you wish to make an application to the higher court for NOC of passport, then in the form, you need to mention in detail the case and how you are considered an accused in that. The request for NOC needs to be made in trial court only, and there is no hard and fast rule to approach the higher court in this regard. You also need to mention that as per GSR 570(E) datei25.08.1993. You require no objection certificate from the trial court either for renewal or issuance of a passport.

In case you have doubts as to how to prepare the application, then seek the assistance of the lawyer for penning down the form correctly. If you are aware of the case of Sammet Rajani, you will get to know that The judges requested the passport authorities for a renewal of the passport of Rajani for 10 years in place of a year period, which was sanctioned earlier. 

What will be the scenario of your court appeal and the nature of the case you are accused of may impact the duration of renewal but cannot reject the application you made for renewal or fresh issuance of passport. For more information, you can ask your lawyer. 

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