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How to file a complaint against a lawyer in India?


Kishore Sagar

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Even though advocates or lawyer is considered to be the keepers and protectors of law, expecting them to be honest and ethical to their profession is foolishness. There was, and there are advocates who are keen on morality towards their profession, especially when it comes to the establishment of justice. But the corruption had crawled over to law as well.

The demand for lawyers is mounting nowadays due to the heap of pending cases and disgrace of law. Lawyers are supposed to act as a medium for people to hold justice, without any restraint. But the advocates have grown in a way that rather than speaking up for justice they are more inclined to the perks and wealth pouring in a while not speaking up.

But the Indian legislation itself provides a legal base in filing a complaint against an advocate in case of injustice and disqualification. The law governing the advocate complaints and norms is the Indian Advocates Act of 1961. An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to legal practitioners and to provide for the constitution of the Bar Councils and an All-India Bar. 

  1. The complaint filed against an advocate must be in the form of a petition. It has to be properly acknowledged and verified as obligated below the Code of Civil Procedure.

  2. Visit the Bar council website of your corresponding state.

  3. Download the complaint proforma and verification certificate forms from the site.

  4. Write the grievance in the form of a demur and also write the enrolment number, address, and contact number of the advocate against whom you are complaining.

  5. Take 35 copies of the petition and keep two passport size photos along with that. Make sure that all the copies are signed by the complainant.

  6. The complaint must contain a testimony on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/- only attested by an Oath Commissioner/Notary in support of the complaint.

  7. Pay the fee prescribed in the Bar council website. (every state's bar council site will have complete assistance in solving your problem.)

  8. Submit identity proof of the complainant

Once your complaint is filed, the court will call both teams for hearing, and the disciplinary committee of the bar council will decide for summoning on a specific day.

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