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How to fight depression without medication?

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Shivani Mehul

Be the exception

Staying depressed can make anyone feel helpless. It changes your behavior, that you will be disturbed both mentally and physically. Besides some natural therapies and medicines, certain methods have been proven to effectively treat depression. Many depressed people consult doctors for treatments to get out of the situation. The symptoms of depressions are irritable mood, problems with sleep; lack of interest in doing any work, lack of motivation, unrealistic attitude, and many others. As per experts, if you are not getting 7.5–9 hours of sound sleep, then consider it as one of the major things which are causing depression. Focusing on quality sleep will help to start overcoming the condition of depression. Quality sleep will improve memory and give an elevated mood. There are certain ways in which you can fight depression successfully:

1. Make good friends and interact with more people: Friends can really keep you charmed and delighted all day. Set a strong goal of spending time with friends at least once per week. More time you spend with known people and friends more you will stay active, energetic and far away from depression. Friends can motivate and encourage you in your daily life. 

2. Yoga or exercises: This is one of the most effective ways to heal this mental state. Yoga and other exercises are able to change your lifestyle as well as your mind. Several studies confirmed the benefits of doing exercise on the body starting from cardiovascular status to the mental state of an individual. Exercise boosts the chemicals in the body known as endorphins.

3. Maintain a routine: Many psychiatrists suggest maintaining a daily routine to heal this problem. Planning and setting a gentle daily routine will help an individual to return back on track.

4. Fix a goal: Setting a goal is helpful for changing the lifestyle and you will be able to concentrate well on work again. Start setting small goals daily and try to fulfill that on time. This way you can change your lifestyle again. Being depressed will make you feel that you can’t complete a task and it may worsen the condition if you don’t decide a goal for you.

5. Sunlight: If you are not interested to take medicines to heal depression then it is the best way to sit for some time under the sunlight. Daily exposure to bright sunlight will not only prove good for your body but also it is good for improving your mental state.

6. Adequate and quality sleep: Sleeping disorder is the prime symptom of depression. Every person needs an adequate amount of sleep for an improved and depression free lifestyle. Hence, getting proper sleep is the best medicine to get rid of depression. If you wish to get a good sleep and get out of depression, follow the steps in the infographic: 10 quick tips to fall asleep.

Try the above ways to say no to depression. 


Mariana Pobornikova

A mother, a wife, a gardener, a pet owner, a consultant

If your depression got that bad that you can't get out of bed in the morning, seek professional help. 

If you feel you can (and want!) to deal with it yourself, start looking within yourself. There's million helpful things you can do, like walks, yoga, finding support groups, good music and relaxation techniques. But eventually all these things are just tools. Which are intended to give you interim peace of mind and focus to get to the MOST IMPORTANT - and often overlooked - thing, eg yourself. Your beliefs and thoughts that make you feel depressed. You see, there're million things in the world to get depressed about, like poverty, ecology, partner betrayal and so on. The question is why YOU are getting depressed about A PARTICULAR PROBLEM. Surely, we all get depressed about different things, right? This means there's no one universal thing that absolutely everyone gets depressed about.

Essentially, what I'm trying to say is if you learn to replace your depressing and negative thoughts with positive thoughts this will lead to a phased elimination of your depression. How? Well, our negative beliefs feed our negative thoughts, which feed our emotions and eventually our behavior and reactions. Our behavior leads to a result in the external world. If the result is negative, then it reinforces our negative belief about ourselves? A vicious circle. Yet, if we changed our thoughts to more positive, then our emotions and reactions will change to more positive. A positive result will start changing our belief about ourselves.

Have a look at this article: 10 steps to overcome limiting beliefs

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