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How to ensure employee privacy in the workplace?


Vanita Manohar

Professional Overthinker

Employees are the asset of any organization. Survival of a company depends upon its workforce. If its employees are loyal and hardworking, then it is easy for a firm to achieve the desired targets. Now a day, employees are quite concerned about their rights. And when we talk about employee rights, we come to know that employee privacy at the workplace is trending yet controversial issue of this advanced world. This is so because technology has empowered employers to a great extent. Now they can monitor the activities of their employees fully. So employees may feel that this type of monitoring is a true violation of their privacy. Here we will see that how employees privacy can be insured at the workplace.

  • Computers and workstations:
    Employees use the computer and workstations of their companies, so employers are allowed to keep an eye on the activities of their employees. But employees feel insecure, and they consider that it is the violation of their privacy rights. So the law gives protection to employees to some extent. Under certain circumstances, they can avail protection against electronic media monitoring.
  • Union contracts:
    Union contracts are another good option for ensuring the employee’s privacy rights in an organization. Union leaders can negotiate with higher level management, and they can create union contracts. This type of contracts may limit the employer’s right to monitor the activities of its employees. These contracts help to satisfy the privacy needs of employees, and they work with more confidence.
  • Written evidence:
    Employers are more concerned about the right usage of their electronic media and workstations. On the other hand, employees are concerned about their workplace privacy, so there is a need to prepare an agreement that contains all the points related to the privacy rights of employees. In this way, it becomes easy for both the parties (employer and employees) to understand that either they are on the same page or what type of rights both the parties have? So in this way, employees feel more satisfied, and they fully understand that to what extent their privacy rights are secured.
  • Keep it personal:
    Employers consider that it is their right to keep a check on their employees when they use their computer or other electronic devices. So, employees who are concerned about their privacy issues, they must use their devices for their private communication. When they keep their conversation personal with the help of their private devices, they can ensure their workplace privacy easily. Management cannot access your devices. So employees can feel more protected in this way.

These are some important points that can help to ensure employee privacy at the workplace.

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