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How to do email marketing?


Sabina Patil

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You will come across many people who will say that email marketing is dead. But how far is that true? When we take a look at the virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and chatbots, many a time it appears like email is the story of the past. In case you go by this word and consider email as dead then you are actually missing out on the actual metrics. The reality is that email marketing is roaring real strong in the industry and is one of the best strategies of doing business with success.

Now the question is how you are going to run a successful email marketing campaign? Here are a few tips which may help you in taking advantage of email marketing.

1.    You need to know about your goals.

2.    You need to understand the different types of email marketing.

3.    Get an idea about who is your audience.

4.    Make use of technology in an intelligent way.

5.    Invest time for the creation of great options.

6.    Plan for emailing and make timely follow-ups.

7.    Master the art of writing a subject line of emails.

8.    Pen down the matter of the email.

9.    Invest time in drafting the design of email marketing.

10.    Testing and tracking of emails sent.

Before you take the step forward to embrace email marketing for your business there are a few important things that you must know and apply for your campaign. 

1.    Select a service provider for email marketing to do it with absolute professionalism

2.    Look for contact details for creating a database.

3.    Keep adding the contacts in your account for email marketing

4.    How to set up the account for email marketing

5.    Design a reusable template for your email

6.    Develop the art of using persuasive messages for email writing

If you are looking for ideas as to how you need to fix the goal you can go through the examples of the below-mentioned companies;

•    BuzzFeed 

•    Rip Curl 

•    Unicef

•    SXSW, Inc

•    Soho House

Email marketing is not that difficult if you can make an idea about it. It is advisable for you to find some email marketing tips and tricks, and also, avail of the services of professional experts who have experience in handling customer email marketing campaigns.  If used correctly then sure short you will experience a good hike in your business with an increase in client base.

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