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How to deal with toxic relationships?


Elizabeth T Flanagan

Love without limits

Everybody wants to have a beautiful relationship with their partner forever. Arguments, disputes or quarrels are a very natural part of a relationship which is dealt with by all the couple throughout the life, but that also ends at a certain moment, and everything gets settled quickly. But there are certain relationships where good moments are never or only for a short moment. What only prevails in such kinds of relationships are endless disputes, loss of trust, lots of doubts, arguments, etc. When such situations are entirely out of control, then it is regarded as a toxic relationship. 

 If you are having certain situations in life, you should try to get rid of such moments, isn’t it? After all, separation or breakups are not a healthy part of life. Here are some tips to deal with a toxic relationship. 

 1. Conversation and communication is the best part to maintain any healthy relationship. When you are facing a toxic relationship like passive aggression, blaming, jealousy, etc., mostly what happens is that you or the opposite person is not aware of the behaviors made. Try to sit for some moments and have some polite talks about what are creating problems in your life and what are the things you don’t like for which you get depressed or angry. 

 2. When speaking up is one of the best parts to deal with a toxic relationship, in the same way, you should also learn to listen to your partner as well. When communication occurs from both sides, then it is easier for you to cope up with the harder situations. This gradually creates an understanding between the couples.

 3. This is a universal truth that nobody in this world is perfect and when you can accept a person with both their positive as well as the negative characteristics, then only you can accept to have a happy life forever. But, most of the people cannot understand this point and always expect a partner with all the positive characteristics. 

 4. Try to follow an assertive behavior with lots of love and firmness at the same time. This helps you to maintain a balance in your emotions and make you understand by your partner. 

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