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How to deal with paranoid personality disorder?

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Shivani Mehul

Be the exception

Trust is a small yet compelling word, and it is the foundation of any stable relationship.  We, humans, are a social animal, without trust the world stands still. Without trust, we fail to communicate properly. Other essential components of a relationship like love, respect, honesty, faith, etc. are solely based on belief. A paranoid person lacks this trust in others, and as a result, his/her mind is always in a state of sheer paranoia, elevated levels of long-standing suspiciousness and increased levels of mistrust on others. To deal with such a person follow the points discussed below.

•    Never Argue: One of the most critical aspects is never to argue with a paranoid person. The Paranoid people are fragile and are out of reality so the more you argue, the tighter their false beliefs wrap themselves up which in turn makes them more aggressive.

•    Empathy: Empathize the paranoid person with regular human touches like hugs, pat on the back, etc. Do not wholly go for or against their statements, be neutral and try to divert their mind with comforting touches filled with emotion and openness.

•    Devoting more time: If you are in a relationship and your partner is paranoid, spend more time with him/her- by going on a long ride or as simple as spending more time at home itself. Comfort him/her with emotional touches and clear away all the false-beliefs and unnecessary fears.

•    Encouragement: A paranoid person lacks the zest to take part in any social activities. The partner must encourage the person with patience, compassion, and love and in turn, motivate them to become more social.

•    Speaking Clearly: Never comfort a paranoid person with lies or by supporting their false beliefs. Communicate with them by respecting their opinions and by being honest. Support your views and explain it to them in a non-defensive way.

•    Diversion: Do not treat the paranoid person as a patient, instead communicate with them usually. Divert their mind from the fact that they are paranoid by engaging them in conversations not related to their paranoia.

•    Maintaining proper health: A person with paranoia should keep themselves healthy. Have the food that makes you happy and relaxes your mind.

•    Meditation: Perform meditation regularly, or listen to soothing music that will help you to control your hyperactive behaviors.

Patience is the key to cure a paranoid person. The partner needs to have a calm temperament while dealing with their paranoid better halves.


Chand Shere

Trust yourself

Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) can be defined as one particular group of mental conditions known as "Cluster A" disorders of personality that involves odd or even eccentric style of thinking by an individual. People who are having PPD symptoms also face medical problems like paranoia, a feeling of unrelenting mistrust as well as behave suspiciously towards others. The key sign of this medical personality disorder is suspicion and distrust. This type of disorder presents majorly in people in young adulthood. You will be surprised to know the fact that more than 10% of the global population is victims of personality disorder. One of the major and critical drawbacks of this medical problem is that victims find it hard to accept that they are need of medical attention,

Those patients who are ready to accept the problem in them and want to go for treatment then they should look for talk therapy expert to take psychotherapy. 

•    It supports the individual in coping with this disorder

•    Gets advice as to how he or she should  make communication with people in social scenarios

•    This therapy supports reducing the mental condition of paranoia

In some specific cases experts may recommend the patients of paranoid personality disorder to take the below medicines:

•    Antidepressants

•    Benzodiazepines

•    Antipsychotics

On a personal level the patient can do the below-mentioned things:

1.    Do meditation to lower down the stress level.

2.    Pay attention to maintaining the level of sleep normal.

3.    Self-analyze as what are the reasons which make you feel so paranoid.

4.    Pay attention to your health and stay healthy.

 So above are a few ways that can help you in overcoming the problems of paranoid personality disorder and help others who are suffering from such problems.

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