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How to deal with mental health issues?


Vaishali P

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People are so cautious with various problems due to physical health issues, and whenever they feel anything wrong with their health, they immediately take steps to diagnose their problems. But are they worried in a similar way when it comes to mental health issues? Are they mindful of the importance of mental health awareness? The world has progressed in so many areas, but still, now, people are not much aware of the mental health issues, and thus at the risk time period they ignore their problems. As a result, many severe cases are found at the last stage which holds due to mental health problems. But, now the time has changed, and you should be aware of each and every symptoms of mental health issues so that you can deal correctly with such a person whom you find severely suffering from any of the common signs like,

  • Severe depression or anxiety

  • Hypertension

  • Sudden aggression

  • Feeling of loneliness

  • Feeling of guilt or devoid of guilt feeling

And many more.

Mental health issues are best treated through clinical examinations and psychotherapies which are mainly provided by expert professionals like Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, etc. But other than the help of such professionals, it is very much necessary for the patient to get the best treatment and coping strategies by the near ones who stay with him.

Here are the best coping mechanisms which are recommended to be the best ways to deal with mental health issues. 

1. The most effective and necessary strategy which helps in dealing with the mental health issues initially is the deep breathing technique. It has been proven that deep breathing helps a lot in reducing panic, anxiety, and aggression and helps the patient to calm down and think in a real sense. The scientific method to follow to the deep breathing technique is to take a long breath for about 4 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds and breath out slowly for 5 seconds. Continue this for several times, and it will work.

2. The most significant symptoms of mental health illness are a denial of emotions and applying defense mechanisms. Here lies the importance of coping mechanisms where the victim is highly required to make realize their emotional awareness so that he/she can tackle and fight with the reality instead of escaping from it. Don’t be harsh to make the victim realize, be calm and help him/her to come to the reality gradually.

3. A person who is suffering from a mental health issue actually tries to make oneself imprisoned of his/her feelings and remain secluded. Thus it needs to earn the skill of radical acceptance and listening while you are dealing with them. When a person feels that you are accepting irrespective of any drawbacks and that also in a warm but professional touch, he/she will try to express their feelings gradually. 

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