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How to deal with borderline personality disorder?


Jack Rabin

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A borderline personality disorder can be defined as mental health disorder which affects the way an individual thinks, as well as feel about self and people around him/her, causing serious problems in daily functioning. It reflects a pattern having unstable yet intense relationships, disturbed self-image, serious emotions as well as impulsiveness. People suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) face major difficulties in their relationships, and especially with the ones who are very close to them. The violent mood swings, fear of chronic abandonment, angry outbursts and irrational behaviors makes their loved ones feel abused, helpless and off-balance. 

Ways to deal with the problem of your dear one having borderline personality disorder:

•    Collect enough information: It is advisable for you to learn in detail about BPD. This will help in establishing empathetic relations with the one suffering from this problem.

•    Ask for help: It is advisable to seek the assistance of a reputed mental health counselor or mental therapist to take charge of the situation. The counselor will help in resolving mental conflict, make effective communication and strengthen the relationship.

•    Go for healthy communication with the BPD affected person:   When you get into communication with the BPD affected person always talks positive things and never shows such act or make use of any such words which can affect the emotion of the person. 

•    Take responsibility for the BPD affected person: Taking responsibility is one of the most important and loving acts which you can certainly do for the loved one who is BPD affected. Don't jump out to take them out from any problem immediately. Allow some time to them to realize that they are in a problem and they need help. This will also develop a sense of responsibility in the person and your responsibility will be to make them feel responsible for their own deeds and act accordingly.

•    Never ever ignore the threat of committing suicide by the BDP person: As per research 10% of people having BPD die by attempting suicide and, as per studies, 80% of people planning to attempt suicide give the signal to others, by talking to near ones about it. If your loved one shares such things kindly don’t ignore and avoid arguing calling him/her manipulative. Understand their pain and show your concern being within boundaries.

Above are a few tips which you can implement or take care of to deal with a borderline personality disorder of your loved ones. It is always best to understand and spread the importance of mental health awareness so that such people realize what they are going through and take measures to come out of it.

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