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How to deal with anxiety attacks?

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Chand Shere

Trust yourself

According to research, it has been found that almost everyone experiences a panic or anxiety attack at least once in their entire lifetime. However, people who are always anxious are more likely to experience anxiety attacks often. Around 3% of people in the whole population are known to develop PAD (Panic Attack Disorder). This is when anxiety attacks become a major problem in life as it hinders the normal lifestyle of a person.

Anxiety attacks are caused due to various reasons. However, two of the main causes of anxiety attacks are fear and stress. High-stress levels and fear can prove to be deadly for a person. Speaking of which, let’s take a look into some of the tips which can help you deal with anxiety attacks.

Ways To Deal With Anxiety Attacks:

Here are a few tips that can help you deal with or prevent anxiety attacks better.

  • Don’t scare yourself
    One of the main causes of anxiety attacks is fear. To prevent anxiety attacks from occurring, you need to first eliminate fear out of your mind. When you get rid of your fear, a major portion of the risk of getting an anxiety attack is gone.
  • Take deep breaths
    Use deep breathing when you feel you are going to get a panic attack. Taking deep breaths can reduce the symptoms of an anxiety attack to a great deal. You need to control your breathing, and only then you can reduce the feeling of hyperventilating. This will also help you to relax.
  • Practice mindfulness
    Practicing mindfulness can be of great help in cases of anxiety attacks. A panic attack is known to cause a feeling of separation from reality. But with mindfulness, you can make yourself realize what’s around you. This will help you to fight your panic attack as it approaches to strike you.
  • Take care of your body
    Taking care of your body can help you to improve the state of your mind. If your body is in good condition so will your mind. Regular exercises, yoga and breathing exercises can help you to keep your body in a healthy and good state.

With the help of the mentioned tips, you can deal with your panic or anxiety attacks better. However, if you are a regular victim of anxiety attacks, you should consult a professional in that matter.

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Mariana Pobornikova

A mother, a wife, a gardener, a pet owner, a consultant

I think the first thing to do is calm down and do whatever it takes to calm down - well apart from using drugs and alcohol because this never helps.

Secondly, look for reasons for the anxiety attack. Don't look externally. There'll always be something out there to get a panic attack about. Only think about war, racism, poverty, child abuse and plastic polluting oceans. But also think how people will never be able to change any of that if they're busy dealing with panic attacks all the time.

Instead, look within yourself. Investigate, listen to your feelings, get this panic feeling to the light and look carefully. Ask yourself - why do I feel that way? What's inside me that makes me feel that way? Obviously, any panic attack will be based on fear. Sometimes, it's an obvious fear, like fear of speaking publicly. Sometimes, it's an unreasonable fear like fear of people wearing red socks. And sometimes, it's so well hidden that it's not immediately obvious what's the fear about.

But keep looking at it. Look at the thoughts that accompany the fear. Start working on replacing these thoughts - one by one, day after day. Thoughts affect emotions in the longer run, and emotions affect our behavior. If you start replacing your thoughts with more positive ones, that will eventually change your behavior and therefore will change the results you're getting, eg your life. And better results in life will start subtly changing your beliefs and thoughts, thus reinforcing your positive thoughts, emotions and behavior.

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jennifer jonson

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Anxiety is a very common in people. The hectic and the busy life of ours can make it very common for us to suffer from stress and anxiety. Dealing with anxiety can be difficult it can affect both the mental and physical health of the person. Some of the common causes of anxiety are-

·         Trauma

·         Stress

·         Other mental health disorder

·         Pending work

·         Hectic schedule at work

·         Personal loss

Thus, to able to live a healthy life it is important to take steps that will help ion managing the issue of stress and anxiety. Some of the common ways to help manage this condition in people are-

·         Taking Nootropics that helps in releasing hormone that helps in calming and relaxing the mind of the person.

·         Eating a well balanced meal

·         Counting back from 10 to 1 slowly and mindfully

·         Getting enough sleep

·         Exercising regularly

·         Limiting the intake of alcohol

·         Taking deep breaths

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