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How to deal with anxiety and depression?

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Heena Samuel

Always look on the brighter side of life

It may be the case that for the last few months you are experiencing something different in life.  Are you feeling sad, hopeless, or finding no meaning in doing some activities that earlier was fun-loving for you. It gives the impression of depression, correct?

That is not the end of everything. Sometimes all of a sudden you started feeling worried, afraid, or just mentally uneasy. Does it feel like a sign of severe anxiety?

People who all are suffering from anxiety disorders spend the maximum part of their lives in a complete agitated state. If not treated in time, this anxiety may take a sharp turn leading to severe depression. As per many experts, people who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a typical form of anxiety disorder, may develop serious depression in life. Depression shows both Physical and Psychological symptoms, and important among them are:

•    Feeling miserable

•    Inefficient thinking 

•    Unpleasant thoughts

•    Loss of appetite

•    Lack of sex interest

•    Disturbed sleep

•    Slowness in every activity

There are a few ways to treat anxiety and depression. The most effective means which showed a positive impact on the patients of depression and anxiety include the below:

• Antidepressant medications:  Doctors based on case type may recommend the use of Antidepression medicines to treat both issues. Sometimes these drugs are prescribed along with CBT. Attention is given to offer such medicines having fewer side effects.

• Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):  It is one of the conventional methods of treating anxiety disorder and depression. CBT is a method that educates people about managing their fears, anxiety, and depression by triggering out the fact that is causing the problem. 

• Relaxation techniques:  Doing meditation will help to cool down the mind and make the soul and body feel relaxed. There will be an improvement in life, as per the experts dealing in this medical sector.

• Exercise: Yes, it’s true that exercise is a wonderful and side effect free method to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Exercise helps in releasing chemicals from the body for a better feeling and relaxes the mind. Go for just a 10-minute walk daily to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression for several hours.

The tendency of suicide is prevalent to see among patients of anxiety and depression. There are some Suicide Prevention Helplines whose advantage you can take if you find anyone near you suffering from anxiety and depression needs help silently.

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Jennifer Brown

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Anxiety and depression are mental health issues that can affect the normal working and functioning of the person. There are a number of factors that can contribute to causing the mental health issues in people. This is why it is recommended for a person to take steps that will help you fight your mental health issues the right and effective ways. Today with the hectic and busy life it is very common for a person to suffer from anxiety and stress. This is why it is advisable for a person to take Provigil dosage. It helps by acting on the brain of the person. It promotes the secretion of hormones such as Dopamine and histamine that will aid in improving the brain activity of the person. It also helps in relaxing the brain and mind of the person thus helping a person get better working of the brain and also helps fight mental health issues in people. So, if you too are struggling with mental health issues, the use of Provigil 200mg can be of great help. 


Emma Parker

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Hi! I first encountered the problem of depression about a year ago. I started out with a little stress, and I was afraid that it would happen again. But fortunately, I came across this article- . It says "how to deal with these problems" or "can depression be cyclical". I recommend that anyone who feels the first signs of depression read this!!!

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