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How to create a database for email marketing?


Aastha Roy

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An email list can be defined as a collection for email addresses that businesses can create by getting engaged with prospective customers via campaigns for lead generation. Chances of Email lists shrinking is there as many members prefer to move out of the company’s email subscriptions, and grow up when business gets contact information via the data of website visitors.

You can also get email lists by paying money for use in marketing campaigns.  But we need to accept the fact that generally, such databases are not that useful when compared to the ones collected directly by the company.

Creating a database of email is no big deal but just creating one will not bring valuable and loyal recipients. The reason is that the demands are more.  So just adding a sign-up form right on your website will not work. It needs to be a sign-up that can actually convert. 

• Plan what data to collect: Be simple and restrict to only asking for bare minimum basic information - just name and email address.  Short and simple forms are best in giving the excellent conversion rate

• Create a consent checkbox: Create checkboxes to explain that you are intending to make use of the email address for your marketing need at one point in the sign-up process. The visitor may click yes or no to give consent or not to give.

• Positioning the signup form: You need to take care of form visibility and position it on your website in the right position.

• Offer giveaways and prizes: Give chance to those who subscribe to enjoy some benefit for allowing you to mark emails to them. Intimate about a special offer for the enrolling ones. Give rewards to those referring you to a friend.

• Develop Contents that need Subscription for Downloading: Create blog pages on your website and include interesting topics in which visitors will be interested to read and subscribe to keep reading such content.

• Make offers that will create interest to subscribe: Social media can be the right place to launch contests and make interesting offers. Make subscription compulsory for participation.

Above are some of the critical points which you need to take into consideration for creating a useful email marketing database. Email marketing managed to rank as one of the best channels for marketing in terms of the ROI.

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