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How to change your name in birth certificate?


Maithili Dutt

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When you were born, your parents gave you a beautiful name which they thought to be the best for their child. But when you grew up, perhaps you didn’t find the same so impressive, and the case can be the same for the parents too who later felt that the name is not so soothing or attractive to ears. There can be some numerological or astrological suggestions that indicate to change alphabets, add or delete some alphabets or completely change the name for the benefit or better future of the person. How are you going to do that? First, you need to know what precisely the birth certificate contains:

  1. Name of the Child born 
  2. Name of the Mother
  3. Name of the Father
  4. Date of birth 
  5. Place of Birth
  6. Time of birth

Continue reading to know the steps you are supposed to follow for name change in the birth certificate:

  • First step: Make an application to the Municipal corporation regarding your desire to change the name of your child or your name in the birth certificate with a valid reason for the same.
  • Second Step: Secondly, you need to collect the correction Form or the Birth Certificate Update from the gram panchayat or the office of the municipal corporation where the child was born or where you were born.
  • Third step: Next, you need to prepare an affidavit visiting the local notary for approaching the officer for the name change of the birth certificate. Prepare the affidavit right on the non-judicial stamp paper of the minimal and state the reason for which name change to be done.
  • Fourth step: Fill the form with all required details and submit the same with affidavit you prepared in notary office for a name change. Add a copy of the old birth certificate.
  • Fifth Step: If required, you will be called at court, and you need to appear in court and verbally narrate the reason for the name change. In case you have some supporting documents for the name change, share the same with court.
  • Sixth Step: After receiving the new birth certificate you need to give advertisement on the local newspaper to inform about your name change

First name and surname can be modified or changed, but there is variation in rules for different types of changes in the name, and it varies from state to state.

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