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How to change surname after marriage in aadhar card?


Sidharth Kumar


Aadhar card is considered as one of the most essential identification proof in India after the issue of aadhar card registration. All the details regarding a person are linked to the aadhar card, including your eye scan, fingerprint, etc. Adhar is required to complete any legal procedures nowadays in India. Supreme court made aadhar card mandatory for the filing of income tax as well, which made it even inevitable in India.

It is common in India to change the surname of women after marriage from father’s or family’s name to the husband’s name. So a woman who already has an aadhar card in her former name has to apply again to change her surname to the husband’s name after marriage. This is an easy procedure compared to the new application for aadhar card since all your details and information are already loaded to the government.

You can download the aadhar enrollment/correction/update form or apply for name change in aadhar card via the online platform and offline centers. Here you can read the procedure in both ways.

Online procedures

  1. Visit the website website and login into the self-service portal with your aadhar number.

  2. Submit a request for name change in the options.

  3. Enter all details regarding the existing name and recommended surname.

  4. Upload scanned copies of all the supporting documents.

  5. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to verify your identity and authenticity.

  6. This procedure is cost-free.

Offline procedures

  1. Visit any closest aadhar enrollment center to get the job done like Akshaya center etc.

  2. You should carry all the supporting documents along with you. They will scan it and return to you instantly.

  3. They will update the aadhar card details as per your requirements. Any other biometrics necessary are also updated under this service.

  4. This procedure is a little expensive. You have to pay 25-100 rupees at the enrollment centers.

Documents to be carried

 The most vital proof for your marriage is a marriage certificate. If it is not available, then you can submit any one of the below-mentioned certificates as a substitute to a marriage certificate.

  1. PAN card

  2. Passport copy

  3. Driving license

  4. Ration card

  5. Voter Id

  6. Any photo identity from government

  7. Credit or debit card to proof.

Things to keep in mind while submitting the request

  • Provide the update details accurately since any error can cause re-application and editing.

  • Provide a new name in the update page. Don’t repeat the former name in the details.

  • If you do not have a registered phone number linked to the aadhar, apply offline, because you won’t be able to complete the procedure since the final steps include verification of mobile number.

  • Documents must be self-attested.

  • Keep the Update Request Number (URN) safe with you since this pin is required to check the update status of your request.

  • Don’t use designation while typing the name of aadhar holder.

The update process usually takes about 90 days. Once the associated executives verify your document, you can download your e-AADHAR from by clicking download AADHAR. You can also visit your nearest AADHAR enrollment center to get a printed copy of your updated AADHAR.

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