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How to build character in students?


Jack Rabin

Keep it real

School life and busy schedules have made the life of every student quiet hectic and tiring. Right from the time when children start to attend school, they get involved in a hectic schedule. Nowadays, schools are not only confined to provide education but also various extracurricular activities like music, dance, painting, computer coaching, events like debates, quiz, group discussions, etc. Students are expected to prove their excellence in all the fields. But have you ever realized whether they are developing a good character or a good personality? Students are the real future of the nation, and for this, the first thing which they need is to become the right person. This is the responsibility which is required to be taken by everybody, starting from the parents, society and to the teachers. 

1. Respect

Respect is an entity which is expected from both sides. Elders always make a mistake thinking that the young generation should learn to recognize and obey them but fails to understand that they need the same too. Respecting the youngsters mean listening to their views, perceiving their thoughts, making them believe that they are going on the right path, etc. These are the reasons to build a strong character within them.  

2. Communication

Students are always in a dynamic lifestyle, and they want somebody to share their views and thoughts. Whenever they realize that there is somebody who can listen to their ideas and can guide them to the right path, they develop confidence. So being a teacher or a parent, try to create a secure communication with your child or student. 

3. Space

Every talent finds their way when they get the proper space to express. Nurturing and caring is good, but at the same time, you should also provide them with some amount of freedom so that they can cultivate their talents. Many parents don't give them that space thinking that it will spoil their children. This is wrong. Space is required to build a strong character. 

4. Motivation

Lack of motivation never makes a good trait in a student. Being a teacher or a parent, never forget to motivate them for opting a decisive goal. If somehow they feel down or score fewer marks in any subjects, try to speak with them and motivate. Screaming, yelling or scolding creates negative pressure on them and they can never build a strong character. 

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