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How to break a contract with a real estate agent?


Yadu Prasad

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Breaking a contract with your real estate agent is not always easy. It is possible for you or for anyone for that matter to get involved with the wrong realtor. The real estate industry is filled with nuisance as the field often has a low or no barrier to entry. It is because of this reason that you are likely to find inexperienced agents in this business. There can be so many reasons to cut off ties with your agent. For example, when he is unable to meet your requirements.

Here are the different perspectives of breaking a contract with your agent:

1. If you are the buyer
Since you are the buyer, it makes sense when you decide to end a contract. In the majority of the cases, it’s the buyer who tends to terminate a contract. There are so many reasons for the same. Some examples of instances, when you may think of ending the contract:

i. General home inspection issues

ii. Rooking issues

iii. Foundation problems

These are only the most common reasons to include. However, there can be other reasons involved as well.

2. If you are the seller
It is quite unusual for the seller to put an end to the contract. In case, you find yourself in such a situation; you should discuss it out with your realtor. Your real estate agent can help you understand your options. There can be other reasons too to fire your real estate agent. They are as follows:

i. Lack of ability
After trying for a month or more, you may conclude that your realtor is good not enough. In other words, he may not have the abilities to sell a home. In such a situation, you have the full privilege to break the contract.

ii. No compatibility
If there is no compatibility or understanding between you and your realtor, it is hard to carry on business. In such cases, it is better to terminate the contract and look for someone better.

iii. Wait until the contract is void
There are chances that your realtor will not let you out of the contract. Have patience and wait for the contract to get expired.

It is better to choose a reliable and experienced realtor in the first place than to develop bad relations later on.

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