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How to become an intellectual property lawyer?


Rakhi Dey

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Intellectual property law has a lot of work to do with their clients like helping clients for protecting their ideas or products to be used by the third party. It also requires knowledge and application of laws including copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc. It also includes writing of legal documents, negotiations in settlement and arguing for client’s case in court.

What are the career requirements?

The career requirements to become an intellectual property lawyer are as follows:

  • Step 1: Complete an undergraduate degree

It is not compulsory for every law schools that the applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree. But intellectual property law is unique and the applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics or related field.

  • Step 2: LSAT -Law School Admission Test,

LSAT is a test to value your analytical reasoning, students reading, critical thinking skills etc. On the basis of this test score, a student can determine the college of his/her choice.

  • Step 3: Graduation from law school.

After LSAT a student must get a graduate degree from a law school.

  • Step 4: Apply for a state bar exam to get a license.

For the individuals to get licensed he must get a state bar exam, the professional responsibility exam is held and to be admitted in the bar association. The state bar exam differs from state to state.

  • Step 5: Gain experience as an attorney

After getting the license, an individual must gain experience under any Intellectual Property lawyer on the post of Intellectual Property Attorney.

What are the areas covered?

The areas of intellectual property law include:

  • Copyright: It protects an owner’s right to their creative work.

  • Patents: It is a legal right to an original invention.

  • Industrial design rights: This is used to protect the rights of the creator of industrial design and use profit from the creations. These are easy to use tools that let you create a store without knowing how to code. You can promote the exhibition and attract customers without leaving your home. All you need to do is register on these sites, provide some details such as PAN, VAT registration numbers, bank details and then upload pictures of your paintings and drawings. Start earning!

  • Plant variety rights: When someone creates a new plant they have exclusive rights to the plant and the plant materials.

  • Trade secrets: It is a formula or a plan of doing a business or something. For example, coca cola doesn’t have a patent on their cold drink as it is protected by the trade secret.

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