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How to become an art teacher?


Lakshmi Atwal

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Nowadays, there are many subjects taught by teachers in schools, but art is the only subject that teaches students artistic skills, history, and theory of art. Students are taught various aspects such as drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and sculptures. The teachers teaching art should specialize in various tertiary fields of art such as history and appreciation of art, film, video, drawing, pottery, visual communication, printmaking, sculptures, etc. as well as studying the various elements of environmental studies and product designing, graphics.

Personal requirements of art teacher

  • Have artistic talents.

  • Be enthusiastic, cautious and patient.

  • Should enjoy creative work.

  • Possess good communication skills.

  • Commitment regarding ongoing professional development.

  • Have good organizational skills.

  • Possess creativity.

  • Should enjoy and have fun while working with young people.

  • Should be prepared to work for school hours.

Education and training of an art teacher

Becoming an art teacher does not require any complicated process. To become an art teacher, people usually need to complete a four integrated course and obtaining a degree in the subject area in which the degree of bachelor of education with a particular skill in graphic or visual arts.

At the same time, you need to obtain a degree in the creative, graphics or visual arts which are followed by a postgraduate qualification in the education such as earning a Graduate Diploma of Education. To go for the degree courses, one needs to get its Senior Secondary Certificate of the Education along with that having a prerequisite knowledge in either of the one or more subjects in necessary; the topics may include mathematics, English, design, and visual arts. The applicants may also require to submit their portfolios and attending a general interview. Not all the institutions have a strict entry; some institutions do have a flexible entry requirement.

Duties and tasks of an art teacher

Art teachers in secondary schools should:

  • Undertake the general functions of teaching.

  • Set up the facilities regarding the art texture such as darkroom, ceramic work studios.

  • Maintain art resources and materials within the budget.

  • Demonstrate how to use art materials such as watercolor, oils, palettes, knives, clay, fabric, dyes, pencils, canvas, and paper.

  • Inspire the students and develop a level of creativity and self-expression through various means of art forms.

  • Arrange the exhibition for the children to motivate the students.

The teacher plays a significant role in teaching any subject to students. Similarly, the art teacher plays a vital role in the development of creativity of the students and skills development.

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