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How to become an art critique?


Arundhati Gopal

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Critique is a written or oral strategy of discussing carried to describe, analyze and interpret work of art. Critiques usually help in hoeing student's persuasive writing and oral ability, justification skills, and information gathering.

An art critique is a detailed study and evaluation of the work of art. While two people in an art process will never experience the same thing or will never interpret their work of art in the same way, the basic elements to become an art critique are analysis, description, judgment and interpretation. Here are some basic guidelines that you can follow to become a thorough and thoughtful critique:

  •        Gathering the basic information about the work
  •        Describing what you see in the artwork
  •          To discuss the basic elements of the work.
  •          Proper description about the use of lines.
  •          Describing the use of colors used in the work.
  •          Proper use of space in the work.
  •          Proper light techniques used in the work.
  •          Making notes regarding the use of shapes in the work.

Few questions to be answered

  •   What is the name of the artist who created the work?
  •    What is the type of artwork?
  •    Name of artwork.
  •    Date of creation of artwork.
  •   Name of some other major events in the past when the artwork was created.
  •   List of literal objects that can be seen in the painting.
  •   The type of texture in the painting.
  •   What are the visual effects of the artwork?
  •   The type and way to colors used in the work.
  •   Effects of colors are having on the artwork.
  •  How are the lines used in work, does it depict a dominant or important part of the work or do they have some other role?
  • The way the light is used. Does the work have an illusion of any texture or if the artist has worked with the    actual textures?
  •  The way the artist has designed the tools to form particular artwork.
  •  Analysis of the statement if the artist in the work.
  •    The overall meaning of the painting.
  •    What can you personally depict from the work?
  •   What feelings you have looking at the artwork?

After the proper observations and analysis and interpretation of the work, there is a need to make one's judgments regarding the work. This depends on your observations about the work and the type of work.

  •   Decide the work.
  •   See if the artwork has accomplished what is needed.

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