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How to become a mobile app developer?


Jahnavi Radheshyam

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The 21st century witnessed some of the most significant advances in technology. One such life-changing invention is the smartphone. Works which earlier took several minutes or hours and even sometimes days could now be fulfilled in the blink of an eye. 

Most of us are present on the user’s side, and only a small portion among us use the smartphones from the developer's side.

To become a successful app developer, you need to have high software skills and a lot of practical knowledge.  Some of the key points to become a mobile app developer are discussed below.

  • Essential Knowledge:  The most critical requirement for any field is proper knowledge. Before starting on mobile app development, you need to have a stronghold in the understanding of software which you can get from various online courses. A computer science degree or a degree in software engineering acts as a solid foundation as app development requires knowledge about data structuring, analysis, and programming, which is taught during the engineering course.
  • Selecting the platform: A lot of mobile platforms are available like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry RIM, Symbian, etc. You need to choose a platform where you will be developing your mobile app. The more platforms you master, the better the opportunities will be.
  • Mastering the prime areas: There are three prime areas you need to learn before you become a mobile app developer. The three top areas are discussed below:
    • Interface Design: Properly designing the mobile app interface is essential. The interface needs to be user-friendly and well oriented.
    • Programming: Without proper knowledge in programming you cannot develop an app. You need to use your skills to transform the logic into efficient codes. There are two types of Programming languages available:
      • Object-Oriented Languages: Java, C++, Python, Object C, Swift (By Apple), etc.
      • Front End’s: HTML5, CSS, and Java.
    • Business Analysis: You need to have expertise over the business market also. You need to have proper knowledge about the ways to monetize your app and even search for ways to make your app popular among the users.
  • Brushing up your skills and proper organizing: Practising regularly is very important. You need to organize your work in the following way
    • Searching for an idea
    • Papering down your opinion with details
    • Building a proper team
    • Developing your app
    • Testing your app for errors and to remove those errors.
    • Work on converting your app into other platforms to increase the users.

Follow up an internship and work along with already established app developing companies to gain the practical experience which will help you to prosper.

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