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How to become a corporate lawyer?

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Mayavadi Rajesh

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It needs a lot of knowledge, patience, and skills to become a lawyer. A professional lawyer has many areas of practice like criminology, civil, corporate, family affairs, business, etc. Here in this article, we will let you know how to become a corporate lawyer. If you are aspiring for a career as a corporate lawyer, you must be informed that it is among the most honorable and prospective profession where you can get excellent chances to grow day by day. 

What does a corporate lawyer do?

The activities of corporate lawyer differ from the activities of other civil lawyers in the sense that a corporate lawyer serves for a particular corporate firm or organization and dedicate his full time for the well being and guidance of the firm. They take care of various legal related issues of the company starting from corporate taxes, employment rules, agreements, corporate structures, income rules, government reports, documentation, annual reports, mergers, and acquisitions, etc. It is not a necessity that a company will hire for only one corporate lawyer. Big multinational companies even hire for two or more corporate lawyers.


It takes several years to pass out as a Graduate in law. You need to choose your undergraduate degree course on law, and beside your formal degree of education, you need to get involved in lots of training and study workshops. There is another way too. You can even pass out your graduation in any of the subjects and after that join a law school to earn the degree as well. 


- Strong analytical and critical skills full of clarity.

- A well built and practical mode of smart communication skill.

- Excellent skill in writing and comprehension.

- Develop knowledge and ideas on evidence and proofs.

- Skill in the documentation, reading, and research.


Though you are gaining your respective educational qualification and skills, it is equally important for you to gain lots of experience through internships and workshops. Participate in debating societies and provide articles to various newspaper media. Working as a junior lawyer as a part-time worker is not a bad idea. Try to find out your mentor and follow and learn from him. Being a fresher, you may not get a high opportunity initially, but that should not matter. Gaining experience is the chief matter. It will make your path towards a high prospect.

Open your firm:

A corporate lawyer can also take assignments from various companies to solve their legal issues if he wills to have his own firm. Develop good networking through social media platforms and online apps.


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