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How to become a computer scientist?


David W Bender

Knowledge is power

Being a computer scientist is about studying different algorithms. Many people think that computer science is about programming, but many computer scientists do not program at all. Being a computer scientist is different from many other courses where after you complete school studying stops there. Becoming a computer scientist is all about learning. You have to train yourself to be a student throughout your career because technology changes day after day and new algorithms are developed, and therefore you must be ready to learn new things every day. 

Being a computer scientist, you must know that it’s your role to solve problems. This means that you have good communication skills and coding skills because you must complete the needs of the client and keep the client informed about the developments of the project. 

Skills needed

Becoming a computer scientist is more of a passion than a career. Therefore certain skills are very applicable. These skills include:

Communication skills–Computer scientists must be good communicators with managers and programmers so that they can give their view and conclusions to the people that do not have the technical knowledge. 

Analytical skills–Computer scientists must be organized in their thinking and analyzing results to come up with proper conclusions. 

Detail oriented–They need to pay close attention to details because a small error can ruin an entire project. In computer science, there is no room for mistakes. 

Math skills – They also need to have adequate knowledge of advanced math and other topics which are important in computing. 

Logical thinking–All computer algorithms rely purely on logic and therefore as a computer scientist, you must be good at reasoning. This is because a lot of analysis is involved.

Writing algorithmsYou need to know how to write an algorithm so that programming can be easy for you. Do not rely much on online tutorials because professionals do not even write some of them. 

Spend a lot of time planning in pseudocode because programming is simply the translation of the pseudocode. Different books explain how to start programming. However, even with the tutorials and books computer science is passion and do it if you have the passion for doing it. 

Computer science is a field that branches out of different fields like databases, computer languages and even computer security. Therefore you can choose to focus on one area of computer science or the entire field if it excites you. Since it is a continuous process after learning one programming language start learning another one since they are interrelated. As a starter, a whiteboard is a very good place to write your algorithms. 

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