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How to become a computer networking professional?


Wafa Khan

Good things take time

With the rise of technologies and software, most of the IT and Networking companies are demanding for professionals who can command over the programming and networking systems. Computer networking professionals who are also known as Network architects are professionals who earn their degree in Computer Science or Software engineering and are responsible for the construction, planning, and communication of data and networks through Local or Wide Area Networks (LAN or WAN). 

The work of the Computer Networking Professional includes all such actions which are related to the involvement of data cable layouts or determination, software or hardware selection, monitoring the IT software professionals, etc. There are hardly a few manual works and mostly human mind activities of a Computer Networking professional. 

If you are willing to aspire for a full-time career of a Computer Networking Professional, you can desire for a successful life in the future. For this, you need to fulfill the following demands:

i. First comes the educational background. You need to choose your stream in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Information Systems and earn a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree certificate on any of the streams. Further higher degrees like MBA, MTech, etc. can add extra benefits to your career too. For the students who are not getting a scope to undergo a Bachelor’s degree can also apply for Voluntary certification courses through various favorite software companies like Cisco, Microsoft, etc.

ii. Try to apply for internships and workshops in reputed Software companies from where you can gain experience as well as find the scope to apply for jobs in the future. In cases where there is a chance to get a job through on-campus drives should not be rejected. Your first experience can help you a lot to find higher opportunities. Experience of about 4 to 5 years is worthy. 

iii. Being a Computer Networking architect, focus on your critical skills like creativity and designing, team leading, analytical problem solving, customer service handling, Mathematics, Electronics and telecommunications, Administration, Software programming, LAN services, Network security, network administration, etc.

iv. Gather more and more experience for the smoothness of your work like installation, designing, proficiency, support, etc.

The successful completion of your education through Computer networking engineering can earn you up to more than 12lakhs INR per year. 

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