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How to become a certified sports agent ?


Maria Sweedwon

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Sport is a great field for careers. This is a career that demands creativity, charisma, business savvy familiarity as well as financial intelligence. Like any other career option, you get a lot of fields to choose from as a career in sports management. One of them is a certified sports agent. Becoming a sports agent is an emerging career path that is both entertaining and challenging. As a sports agent, you have to manage players, negotiate contracts on behalf of the players, etc.

The most fundamental elements include accounting, public relations, marketing, and management. Certified sports agents have a good chance of being involved in the sport they love as they manage players. However, the path to becoming a certified sports agent is long.


There is no specific course to take to enter this field even though you must have a degree. Most of the agents enter this field with business or law degrees. With law and business knowledge, one can then complete a degree in sports management. Despite having a degree in the recommended field for you to become certifies you must complete a sports agent exam for the sport you want to be an agent. It means that you must have adequate knowledge about the game and everything that happens in and out of the field. It is the reason why previous players find it easier to become agents because they understand the sport very well. When you complete the agent exam, you are allowed to apply for licensing and membership.

Certification and Membership

The certification and membership application is quite costly since the application fee can be as high as $1,800. Also, the application is not open at all times but during specific times. A good example is the NFL where the exams can only be applied in January of every year.
To be fully certified you may also require paying another fee to join the player’s association. In most sports joining the player’s association, you may be required to pay up to $1,200 which also depends on the number of players you have signed.
There are other requirements like having insurance and a surety bond which agents are also required to have.

   This field operated like any other career and therefore after licensing to take time to venture into the market fully. It requires dedication and hard work since it takes time to build a professional network which is important to get clients. However, the years spent in school, and the certification fee is all worth it since the field is well paying. In 2017 the salary of a certified sports agent was estimated to be $80,000 depending on the sport you are working in. With the market expected to grow by 20% in 2019 more sports agents will be required.

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