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How to become a business development manager?


Jyoti Shiva

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For the proper growth of a business, the company needs the support of employees with various skills and educational backgrounds. One such important part of business growth is the improvement of sales, competitions, and revenues. The business professional who is directly responsible for the growth of sales and increment in taxes by improving the company’s position in the market of competition is a business development manager. A business development manager plays a massive role in the growth of a business by being an all-rounder starting from a sales representative, business analyst, marketing analyst and also an in-charge in the field of sales and marketing. The business development manager develops strategic planning to improve the finance and customer care service support system. This is solely an executive role where you are required to attend important business meetings, conferences by traveling to various places both inside the country and abroad. 

Business Development has become one of the demanding and essential jobs at present, and initially, it can earn you a salary of about $59,000 per year. Along with the experience it goes on increasing at a higher speed. If you are willing to opt for a career as a Business Development Manager, then it can be one of the best decisions, but you need to follow certain things for that. Here in this article, you can find a guide about how to become a business development manager. 


The minimum education level you need to complete for this career is a Bachelor’s in the field of any of the Specialisations related to Management like Business Management or Business Administration or Business Finance or Leadership Management from renowned Business Schools or Institutions of Academy. However, a Master's Degree in Business Administration or Management can earn you better opportunities naturally. 


As you are gaining degrees, side by side starts to develop all the required skills for your future success. As a business developer, you should have strong interpersonal, persuasion, negotiation and communication skills. While you get into the profession fully, you have to work on various projects which need proper management skills with full business intelligence. Don’t forget to do more and more research to read about perfect strategies. Last but not least, you have should have a strong command of Computer knowledge to maintain proper documentation, calculations, and many more activities. 


Start your first career with any of the opportunities you get as experience matters a lot for the growth in this field. Explore your job roles and ensure that you can fulfill the company’s goals on meeting revenues, maintaining a good working relationship between the company and the clients, gaining new clients, referrals, sources and also finding new ideas and strategies to grow the business. 

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