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How to be a good parent to a toddlers?


Catherine Gleron

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Parenting is a never-ending job that comes with a lot more responsibility and stress than any other occupation in this world. It feels beautiful to see your kids growing up. However, raising a child is a hard task and requires a lot of good parenting skills. 

Toddlerhood is a stage when your child is in between 12 to 36 months old. It is the time when a lot of things change like your baby learns to walk at this age. There are misconceptions that it is one of the most challenging periods of raising a child. However, being a good parent is not something unachievable. Follow the tips mentioned below and learn how you can be a good parent to your little one:

1. Play with your child 

Take some of your time. Sit around and play with your child. Give them age-appropriate toys and games to play. Encourage and play with them. Read and sing songs with your child. 

2. Communicate 

If there is one thing you should do for your child is to make some time for small talk and communicate with them. Communication is important in every relationship and every stage of life. Start teaching them good habits and basic things such as names of colors and shapes. 

3. Make a daily routine

A daily routine will provide your child with a better structure of life. It is important to set up a method for your child. Though, your child may not be able to tell you the time in the clock. But it is important to follow a fixed routine for everything including bath time, breakfast, lunch, dinner. This will also help him/her understand the importance of everything.

4. Set some rules

Set some simple rules for your child at this stage. Some basic standards which are useful for his/her safety concerns such as he/she should always not go alone out of the house. 

5. Praise and Encourage

Praise your child and reward him/her for their good behavior and encourage them to do enjoyable activities in the future as well.

6. Deal with the tantrums

Toddlers are sweet angels. But they might get frustrated quickly. And that is it the time when you need to respond calmly. Explain yourself and your rules to them in a decent manner. Make your child understand instead of forcing your decision on them. Punish them a little as and when required. 

7. Try to understand their language

Try your best to understand your child’s jargon and body language. Otherwise, there are chances that they may get frustrated.

Enjoy this stage with your child and be a good and responsible parent.

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