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How to be a better parent without yelling?


Meghana Chauhan

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Who does not want their child to grow into a well behaved and a social person in the future? As a parent, you might always like to provide all your best efforts to your child. Parenting is a challenging task, and it needs a lot of patience and skills too. Sometimes, parents may lose their temper when their child displays mischievous and dangerous behavior. In spite of so many efforts, what brings the failure in parents is yelling at their children. Parents think that yelling can develop the order of discipline and behavior among their children, and it becomes their habit to yell at the children whenever they make mistakes. But, you should be informed that yelling at children can even be worse for their future.  

Studies reveal that children are more responsive to warmth and communication rather than yelling. Yelling at the children cause them to increase their lousy behavior more and in future, they are also prone to yell at the people who surround them and that too, even at minimum points. Again, if you find that your child has stopped with his or her mistake for once because of your yelling, it does not mean that your child wouldn't do it in future, because one-day shout will not make any impact on the child.

You should know that yelling is not the proper way to manage the behavior of your child. It is better to follow these tips instead of yelling:

i. While your child is growing, better set some clear rules, disciplines, and routines both verbally and in written form. If someday, your child breaks with the rules, take your next step to make him, or she understands the consequences of the mistakes done instead of yelling. You can even display the examples of the results if you can. Be practical instead of nagging or yelling. 

ii. Isn’t it better to inform your children about the negative consequences of any situations before any action? Build proper communication and share your thoughts and information for better knowledge of your child so that he/she may get cautious from the beginning. 

iii. Your child will listen to you if you explain and make the child understand when he/she makes any mistake. In such situations, it is essential for the parents to praise and encourage or motivate them. Positive reinforcement is an excellent requirement for child development. Small rewards like smilies, stickers, etc. for little kids and following the concept of the token economy for grown kids may act as positive rewards in such situations.

iv. Make yourself calm and quiet and think about the reasons which make you yell. If necessary, you may take the help of anger management therapies. 

v. Warn your children instead of yelling. Warning allows your child to get a second opportunity to get away from the mistakes. They can even understand how serious you are regarding the issue.

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