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How to apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate in India?


Anwar Joshi

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Inter caste marriage itself expose the closed doors in the mind of people. Marrying from another caste or religion is mentioned as inter-caste marriage. This depicts that the Indian population still follows the rotten rules engraved by ancestors. Indian marriages are conducted under two laws as The Hindu Marriage Act and The Special Marriage Act. All marriages other than marriage between two people of the same religion as Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism fall under the special marriage act. Inter caste marriage falls under the Special Marriage Act.

Eligibility for inter-caste marriage

  • Either the husband or wife or both of them must be from Scheduled Caste and the other one from any other community.

  • The marriage must be significant as per the law and enlisted under the Marriage Act, 1955. It is required to submit an affidavit of the marriage.

  • The request for a marriage certificate must be applied in 3 years after marriage. Applications after 3 years are not considered.

  • The application will be considered as significant if submitted within a year of marriage.

  • The combined salary of husband and wife must be less than 5 Lakh to be approved under the Inter caste scheme.

Where to register inter-caste marriage?

The application method of inter-caste marriage is similar to that of a regular marriage certificate application. You can apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate at the closest Sub Registrar Office. The certificate will be issued in a few numbers of days after application.

Documents that need to submitted

  • Caste sanction proof of both partners

  • Identity Proof (Voter Card or Adhaar Card)

  • Income certificate of both husband and wife

  • Ration card

  • Local marriage proof from closest Gazetted Office

Apply via Service centers

You can apply for an inter-caste marriage certificate online with the help of government welfare helping centers like Akshaya Centres. You only have to submit specified documents for the people in service centers to complete your application. 

  1. Visit the government welfare help centers in your provision.

  2. Provide your details and documents. 

  3. Seek the assistance of the service person to fill your application.

  4. Keep the receipt provided by service centers for future use.

  5. You will be notified about the progress of the application via SMS or mail.

  6. After the complete valuation and verification by the registrar office, you will be informed that the ‘procedure is completed’ and the certificate has been approved.

  7. Download the digital copy of the certificate online from your account portal.

Apply Online

  1. Go to your district e-web portal.

  2. Register yourself as a new user if you are not. 

  3. Then log in using that username and password.

  4. This will take you to the next page where you can select for certificate application.

  5. Provide all the details without any error.

  6. After verifying all the details, click the submit button.

  7. Type your e-district register number. Select your certificate type and purpose.

  8. This page might ask for your name and some other details. Once provided, click the save button.

  9. Submit the scanned copy of all documents suggested by the portal.

  10. Complete the payment via any medium possible in the portal.

  11. You can download the application and receipt of the application. Take a print of both the documents.

  12. You will receive a ‘certificate approval’ SMS or mail after the application verification.

  13. Download your certificate from district e-portal using your registered account.

The Demo application for Special Marriage is given here for reference.

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