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How to apply for a divorce online in India?


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Divorce is the termination or dissolution of those legal liabilities and agreements approved by husband and wife. By the  2019 divorce statistics of the world, India is the country having the lowest divorce rate compared to other countries. The numbers say that only 1% of overall marriages end up in divorce. Each religion follows its own divorce procedures and laws. 

Divorce Online

It is not appropriate to let courts stand behind in digitalizing the burdening routine works. The conventional divorce methods are expensive and time-consuming. People are not in a frame of mind to invest their time even for legal procedures like divorce. The Indian government has recently stepped on to the online service in divorce petitions and proceedings.

You can apply for a divorce online in two ways. Either the client can file the petition alone or with the assistance of some 'Online divorce firms.' The individual application is pretty impeding and burdening due to several paper works, submissions, and hearings. That is why clients are recommended to seek the assistance of divorce firms or divorce experts online. There are several platforms available, online like Airtract, that provide assistance and advice from experts from corresponding fields.

How to apply for a mutual divorce online?

There are popular, client-friendly platforms in India to apply for a divorce online.  Some of them are Delhi lawyers, myadvo, etc. These platforms act as the easiest way to attain a divorce. Certain requisites need to be fulfilled to apply for divorce. Click [here]() to read about it.

1. Initially, you have to log in to their website and fill out the online application form.

2. A dedicated lawyer is assigned to answer all your questions and queries.

3. Upload the required documents.

4. The payment as per the platforms

5. Appearing in court for first motion.

Things to be considered while applying online

  • Both clients must agree on the terms of the divorce.
  • Concerns regarding child custody, assets, property, and alimony must be discussed beforehand.
  • Write down the terms into an agreement after the first two things.
  • Even after filing a petition online, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a lawyer to understand and sort out the technical and legal base. 
  • Fill out the online form under the digital divorce firm website. This will provide them with the complete details and documents regarding your divorce request. 
  • Submit the legal notice to your partner either digitally or in person.
  • Both clients must be present while performing the above steps so that no objection or disagreement occurs after filing the petition.
  • Once the online firms receive the form, they will evaluate the conditions on which the petition is given before it is moved onto the court.
  • An approved petition is printed on paper and submitted at the court.
  • The rest of the procedures are carried out by the court.

The primary idea of online divorce is to reduce the unwanted issues and cluster of burdening procedures. These digital platforms save people from wasting time on divorce applications. Online divorce is much easier and trauma-free. Here you are updated at each level of the process, leaving you a tension-free life.

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