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How to apply for a composition scheme under GST?


Anwar Joshi

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The emergence of GST has changed a lot of aspects regarding the economic sector. It sorted out the entire business platform into considerable bounded form, making the taxation and governance process easy. The GST composition scheme under the GST program is such a program under the Indian economy that unifies and provides specific provisions to businesses that have an overall profit of less than 1.5 Crore per year. These businesses must be uncategorized to have a gross income of the mentioned amount.

Features of the Composition Scheme

  • Businesses or enterprises like dealers, restaurants, goods suppliers, etc. can register under this scheme.

  • Tax paid by owners under this scheme has to pay lesser tax compared to other business enterprises. This tax will be 1% of the entire profit claimed in the whole year. 

  • If a single person has multiple businesses registered over the same PAN, then all the enterprises must be registered under the same scheme or must withdraw registered ventures from the scheme.

  • The registered business owners must file their return quarterly at 18 at the starting of the month.

  • A compounding dealer is allowed to provide aids, excluding eatery services, which are worth below 10% of the income for the previous fiscal year or Rs. 5 lakhs, whichever is greater.

  • The composition tax rate depends on the type of business; for suppliers are 1% and for eateries, 5%.

How to apply for Composition Scheme

For a business to apply for Composition Scheme, the owner has to register the company under GST CMP-02 of government. It is compulsory to opt under the GST to apply for a Composition scheme. Visit the common portal Fill up the form and submit the application along with all the details and supporting documents prescribed in the site. A registered person cannot choose to opt for the Composition scheme in one state and not in other states. 

Who cannot apply for the scheme?

  • A business that is not disciplined considering their turnover and supplies and no fixed location of the company.

  • A person who is undertaking a business that has no proper residence, and the owner is not a resident of India.

  • Service providers except services provided by the restaurants and eateries.

  • A person supplying products or goods which are not tax payable.

  • Products held in stock which are not being supplied or bought.

  • A person providing goods and supplies in an inter-state manner.

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