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How to achieve work-life balance?


Sadhika Ravish

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To maintain a healthy family and work life, it is essential to learn the art of work-life balancing. Creating a balance is an absolute tricky job to do. The worst part is that unknowingly, maximum people fail in this task. 

Usually, it has been noticed that if you own your business, then maintaining the work balance appears to be a bit easy as things remain in your hands. But this does not happen to people who are employees in a company as they need to work based on company demands. Many sole traders also fail to achieve it due to lack of knowledge. Most of us do not know to maintain a perfect work-life balance for a healthy lifestyle. Poor work-life balance often leads to unproductivity, stress and health issues. But if you can bring some changes in your life, then indeed perfect work-life balance can be achieved.

Few facts to consider for achieving a balanced work-life:

• Know your strengths: It is always suggested to understand the strengths that you possess. Never try to be the jack of all trades as that is not going to help you. Outsource professionals for those tasks in which you are not good and need expert help.

• Plan your priorities: It is necessary to prioritize work based on urgency.  Divide total work into different sections on the basis of urgency and importance. Complete tasks one by one based on this list.

• Focus on the goal and one target at a time: Before you start working, it is necessary to know your goal. Avoid multi-tasking. It makes it difficult to focus on multiple things at one time. Stay devoted to the task which you have in hand and based on the priority list.

• Keep personal time: It is also suggested to get some time wholly dedicated to the family and social life. In the beginning, it might be tough but after a few days, you can notice the great balance of your life. 

• Make your workplace technically advanced: Working for your own business encourages you to work for long hours with less downtime. It is important for you to make an investment in items that can support you in working better and in a well-balanced manner. Go for a comfortable work chair, a good table for placing your laptop, Skype in your laptop to conduct meeting from home or office, etc. A critical assessment of the workspace can make life better and balanced.

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