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How to achieve spiritual awakening?


Rajalakshmi Suhan

Let your dreams blossom

Spirituality has a beautiful impact on human life. But spiritual awakening does not happen from the beginning. It is such a state of mind which always occurs suddenly after an event which happens unexpectedly in life. As a person gets spiritual awakening, he starts to read his life in a new way and understands the more profound and inner meaning of life. You can achieve spiritual awakening if you want. Here are some ideas:

1.    You belong to different culture or religion and have beliefs and principles of your own. If you're going to achieve spiritual awakening, be strong and confident in your beliefs. There is no one to judge your beliefs except you. Try to open the eyes of your heart and mind to have a broader knowledge in every situation. Explore your account and try to perceive things very minutely.  The more you have farsightedness, the more you can have control over your beliefs. When you start to feel like you were unconscious till the moment, then you are achieving spiritual awakening.

2.    Exploring the world outside your room is one of the best ways to awaken spirituality. A person who is always staying inside the room has a lack of knowledge about the world. His or her thoughts get frozen, and gradually it will lead to a lifeless soul. Try to be more close to nature and breathe the fresh air of the morning. Admire the beauty of the flowers, leaves, the sky, etc.

3.    A person who does everything instead of loving himself is unable to achieve spiritual awakening. Loving oneself doesn't mean being selfish. It means taking care of your health, mind, body and exploring all those things which you like. If you can love yourself then only you love others too.

4.    Be productive in what you do. If you stay lazy for the whole day and find out that one day passed on without any productive tasks, then realize that it is a big failure. A spiritually awakened person will try to use every moment of the life.

5.    If you want to achieve spiritual awakening, don’t be judgemental and make conclusions on your own. Try to understand the situations and think a lot for the next step. Meditation is the best way to overcome this behavior.

6.    People often cry for things. Try to accept the truth and let those go which are not made for you. You can never force things or persons to come to you. This is the way to achieve spiritual awakening.

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