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How robotics will change the future?


Melinda Celue

Im a woman with ambition and a heart of gold

We all have been moved deeply by movies like I, Robot, Ex-Machina, Terminator series, where robots potentially take over humans and wipe humanity off the earth’s face. But on a more practical level, it’ll take several years before robots can replace humans entirely. In this article, we’ll be focusing on some of the ways in which robotics will change our future.

  • Advanced Medical Treatment

    Robots will surely revolutionize the medical sphere. Critical operations which earlier took several hours will be completed in the blink of an eye with the help of robots. Surgeries will be attained with absolute perfection, and imaging and diagnosis will also become precise with the help of robots.

  • Advanced Weaponry

    We have already started implementing robots in our defense sectors like the use of predator drones for investigating and taking photographs behind the enemy line in stealth mode, use of drone-based airplanes for military operations to prevent all sorts of human casualties, development of smart missiles which will hit the target precisely without any civilian casualties, etc. And who knows in the near future, we might start developing Iron man suits for the creation of super soldiers.

  • Home automation

    Several implementations of robots have been done in the field of home automation. Smart vacuum cleaners, smart cookers, etc. can perform the household work without our intervention. Maybe we’ll soon develop a robot maid who will perform all our daily household chores.

  • Advanced Education

    No teacher can solve the doubt of every student through one-to-one interaction. Different students have different learning capacity and processing power, so it becomes difficult for the teacher to access the same for all the students in a class of say 50 students. This is where robots will play its part. The robots will analyze the processing power of each and every student and then will provide personalized courses, which will make it easy for the students to understand even the most dreadful chapters.

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