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How nanotechnology is changing the future of medicine?


Joseph T Ortega

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One of the most intriguing advancements made in the technical sphere is the implementation of nanotechnology in our daily lives. It revolutionized several fields like the military sectors, packaging industry, medical sectors, space sectors, agricultural sectors, etc. In today’s module, we’ll be discussing some of the fascinating ways in which nanotechnology is and will be changing the future of medicine. But before hopping directly into the main theme, let us first define the term nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is the field of science which focuses on the understanding, and the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. It takes in the use of engineering, medical, robotics as well as computing, etc. for attaining precise results. 

  • Next-Gen Diagnostics

    Using nanotechnology, doctors will be able to analyze our entire body metabolism with high accuracy. Several nano-scale devices will be injected into the person’s body, which will get distributed in the bloodstream. These nano-devices will analyze the different conditions of the body like the changing pH, temperature, blood cell count, signs of any infection, cancer detection, etc. Hence, doctors will be able to track and collect real-time data and make precise treatment.

  • Advanced cancer treatment

    Using nanotechnology, scientists have successfully developed DNA nanobots, which help in terminating cancer. The DNA nanobots remain inside the person’s bloodstream and they scan the body for signs of potential threats. This will allow the doctors to use directed chemotherapy, which will bring down the side effects of chemotherapy to a standstill.

  • Nanotechnology-based neuroscience

    Using nanotechnology, doctors will be able to analyze and study our brain in a more accurate manner using nano-diamond particles, which will convert the brain's electrical impulses into light impulses, which will be extracted and analyzed by external sensors. This will pave the way for targeted intervention, for the most precise brain seizures.

Airtract Maria Janes -

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