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How many sports are in the world?


Ajeet Suresh

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Sports is considered one of the most entertaining and healthy activity. Sports games have the power to win the heart of people. With time, a large number of new sports have emerged and taken their place in the international level. Sports events like Olympics give a massive opportunity for countries to express their new sports every four years. It would be surprising to know that there are more than 8000 sports in the world.  

There is a total of 44 sports in the Olympics. Though there may be 8000 sports in the world, not all are recognized on the international level. Only 200 games have been identified internationally and given a chance to be present in front of the world. But, with the progress of time, a lot of sports are getting included.

Sports like Cricket, Football, and Basketball are so popular that over all the seasons of the year a lot of industries and countries spend a lot of money for the Association to arrange events. It is said that less than half of the investment can be returned through the booked tickets of the audience at various stadiums.

Some common sports in the world include Hockey, Archery, Polo, Rugby, Shooting, Boxing, Bicycle Racing, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Aikido, Air Racing, Mountain Climbing, Baseball, etc. Each of these sports has their variants which have further emerged as big sports itself. e.g., Polo has its variants in Beach Polo, Water Polo, etc.

When we speak about sports, we also can speak about sports weapons. The most common among them are balls which have been common in many games. There are almost seven internationally recognized sports in the world where balls are required. Besides, there are other small sports that are not yet identified globally but played with the help of a shot.

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