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How many acres of land can a person own in India?


Akash Mehta

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A property or land is considered as one of the main assets in India since lack of land for public purposes are less compared to non-usable lands. The Indian constitution had made specific laws regarding the ownership of land under judicial opinions from the past. But the right to property is not something strongly argued over as fundamental rights. It is not right for everyone to buy land in their ownership. But there are laws governing and controlling them.

There are 4 types of land allocation laws established since Independence.

  1. Land ceilings

  2. Abolition of intermediaries

  3. Tenancy reform

  4. Allocation of state land to needy families.

The corresponding state implements land ceilings law, and the maximum of land that someone can own under this law is 3.6 hectares in some states, and it is 22 hectares in some other states. For Tamil Nadu it is 60 acres, for Kerala, it is 15 acres, for Himachal Pradesh it is 32 acres and so on. Even under each state, the maximum extent of land that can be owned by someone is limited, considering some factors like age, income, etc.

The Urban property ceiling was controlled by Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act, 1976, which was got revoked in many states. 

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