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How long does it take to become a train engineer?


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Locomotive engineers, also termed as train engineers, are those professionals who are responsible for making the trains driving safely from one location to the other. They are responsible for ensuring that the freight trains, as well as the passenger trains, remain on time and also travel safely on the track. Some of the locomotive engineers do drive the trains between different stations, while others move the trains around on the rail yard.

The professional who will be performing the job of a Train engineer need to be qualified enough to handle it as the security and safety of the passengers traveling on train remains dependent on the level of expertise train engineer is having. How can you become a train engineer?

One needs to be of a minimum of 21 years of age with a high school diploma. Physically need to be sound, active, and must have excellent vision and hearing capabilities. One Needs to start at the trainee level under the supervision of a senior train engineer and perform the job of a train conductor. This is the on-job training period which the candidate needs to serve as a train conductor. During training, they will do the train engineering study and learn how to handle various issues with the train. Next, he/she will be promoted to train engineer, and the license will be given.

Now the question of how much time will be required by the professional to come out as a qualified and trained Train engineer. Well, maximum train engineers need 3 to 6 months of work experience besides 6 months to around a year job training to serve this responsible role.

One important thing that should never be missed in case you wish to become a train engineer; One needs to be very flexible with time as the hours of the job will be decided depending on the schedule of the trains. It is common to see passenger and freight trains are running on track all through the day and so the working hours of the train engineers may fall in the early morning, morning, afternoon, evening late night and even on weekends and holidays. Even engineers who need to serve as a train conductor in the initial days need to travel in long-distance trains and need to serve continuously for days till the train reaches its main destination. Salaries are good for train engineers and so if you wish to become one, take into consideration the above facts and durations of becoming one.

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